I thought I would share some information about me so you can get to know me and know what makes me tick. First for my education, I have a degree in License Practical Nursing and I also have a associate degree in Register Nursing and have a license to practice this profession. Presently I have taken the time off from that to devote my time into my other love and that is being creative.

I think being creative started when I was a young child. My grandparents use to give me the really thick coloring books, and not like the ones that are out there now, but thick. I use to spend hours coloring in them. I also loved to draw when I was young and I continue to draw now. I have to admit though I have to be in the mood. If I am not then the artwork does not look good to me and I get frustrated and then the fun is gone. I learned how to crochet when I was 18 years old and I taught myself how to do that, hence I crochet left handed which usually is not a problem, just sometimes. Then I have to think backwards like right handed people and this sometimes get confusing to me. I was taught how to knit so thankfully I do that right handed so I have no problem with understanding and following right handed instructions. I have done many pieces of embroidery over the years in cross stitch, needlepoint, Hardanger, Richelieu (which is a form of cut work) and gold work. I have a dresser drawer full of rolled up finished needlework that my children have already decided among themselves who is going to get what. Well, at least I know they like my work. So I guess that is okay with me. Tatting came later, and I was collecting tatting shuttles even before I knew what to do with them. I should mention that in my family I am the only one that does all these different things, so I had to teach myself how to do the different needlework. And so that is what happened with the tatting. I remember sitting at my dining room table for two days straight just about with all my craft books open to tatting and studying and studying and being frustrated because I could not seem to figure it out. Every time I tried to close the ring, well, you know what happened. Nothing!!!!!!!!!!! I finally figured out the tension part and since then I have been tatting. After I did my initial practice strip I decided to do a doily and that was my first project with tatting. My tablecloth that I have started was to be a placemat and then I decided well, if I keep going I could make it into a tablecloth. That cloth is an on going project that I hope to finish someday. As for bobbin lace I learned to do that two years ago. I have learned from Holly Van Siever and from videos. Videos are great for you can keep replaying a technique until it finally sinks in your mind. And they don't get frustrated with you. As far as painting goes, as I said I have been painting and drawing for years and different acquaintances over the years have told me that I should try selling my work, but I loved nursing and I just didn't have the time to make things to sell. Now that I have taken time off from working as a nurse, I am trying to be creative and selling my work. I love getting email from others that have the same interest as me and sharing ideas is fun. So, drop me a line anytime.

Sherry Townsend