Okay out there in Tattingland...she is done finally. Just finished her up today. It has taken me a couple of months to get her finished. She is my design. She started with the fact that I didn't have anything to put on top of my tree. The other fact is I just happen to like angels. The bottom of her skirt is done with a pineapple motif that I went around each motif  with white thread and silver metallic blend in to hold the motifs together. I kinda like the way her bottom edge of her skirt goes up and down in. The under dress is a pattern that I made up. After drawing the pattern pieces out I sewed them together to see if the size was right.


 The material is white velvet on the outside. Then to stiffen the skirt I lined it with some plain satiny material and in between the layers of material I used a stiff net to make the skirt puff out. The wings where done with another kind of net that I drew the shape out on paper then I took some wire and needle tatted a chain around the wire and catching the net at the same time. I then shuttle tatted the rings around the very outside. The wire was used to stiffen my wings so I could bend them and have them keep their shape.  I wanted her hands to be brought together in front of her, so I made a bouquet and glued it with factory super glue. Her halo is done in gold metallic thread. Most of the tatting was done in size 80 tatting thread with some size 50 white thread with silver metallic blended in to outline each motif.. Anyhow...send me an email after looking at Angelika and let me know what you think of her. Now that she is done I can finally put her on top of my tree.