I had to share with all of you my bobbinlace pillow that Mark Myers, Tatman from Greenville, Illinois made for me. His website address is www.tat-man.net. You can go there and check out his many talents that he has. As I was saying here, you can see Mark with my pillow.....now isn't it just TOO pretty...well... I wanted that pillow and we kinda got into a tug and war over it....but as you can see in the last picture here that Celtic Dream Weaver won the battle..Ha!!! It now belongs to me. Now to make some lace on the pillow when I can find a bag of time somewhere. 

Here is what I call named my Floozy Pillow. Mark Myers www.tat-man.net  made for me. He started this pillow for me a couple years ago. When I was trying to decide about whether or not to go to the Palmetto Tat Day Event in Columbia, S.C. I was told if I went he would finish my pillow and give it to me instead of mailing it to me. Now that was an offer I couldn't refuse....could you I ask you??!!!!!  After I got home I could wait to get some lace going on my brand new pillow. Here is a simple Buck Point Edging I decided to make on the pillow....
I decided to make some things to dress Ms. Floozy up. I painted some bobbins to somewhat match the paisley pattern print in the material. I also decided as my lace was coming off the back of my pillow that I need something to contain my lace neatly rolled up. So, I painted this dowel which is about an inch in diameter to again match the material print. On both ends of the dowel I tatted an edge and added the tatting to the ends of the painted dowel using super glue. My husband had done an experiment at work of making me a new pin lifter, after the tine in my pin lifter broke. So ...you guessed it...I painted the wooden part to again match my new pillow. Here is Ms. Floozy dressed to the nines. She is going to a bobbin lace party where I here the new game was...how far can you throw a bobbin.

I also had some purple material from last Halloween that I bought and made a cloth for my pillow so my bejeweled bobbins have something  to dance upon...They are having one HELLAVA party I must say...and the bobbins keep talking to me saying..."Celtic Dream Weaver....come and join the fun...Come and play with us." I am so VERY happy with Ms. Floozy pillow that Mark made for me.

These are some simple bobbin lace book marks I made to practice those God Awful tallies with.

Yesterday my Grandson Timmy Guy, said to me..."Granny. I am leaving my kitty here on your pillow so he can watch you and you can watch my kitty". I thought that was so cute that I thought I would get a picture of it to share with you .


Hi out there in Lacingland,

This is a piece of lace which is a runner. I have another one that is round both are done in the same way that I found at an antique store this past fall.. What I am looking for is if someone could identify what kind of lace this is. I thought myself, it was maybe Princess Lace, but I don't know. This lace is done on fine net with braid tape with needle fillings in with the tape design. Here's hoping someone can tell me what I have here.<G> And thank you in advance.

  Mark Myers designed this bookmark pattern for a contest for The Heartland Lace Guild in Kentucky which I also now belong to. And where I met some nice people.  I made this bookmark with purple silk thread a specialty  braid I got at the local cross stitch store where I live for the gimp. Along the edges I used regular sewing thread and metallic DMC  gold thread. This bookmark just shimmers and is one of the prettiest things I have made in Bobbin Lace.


These are some bobbin lace angels I have done so far. the first one is a pattern from Lia Briemeister-Jonker. The second one is from a German lace book that I have by Brigette Bellon. The last one is the angel that I did from Mark's artwork.



When I was in Kentucky  I picked up some catalogs and when I was looking at them I new right off what I was going to do with them. I was going to decoupage them onto lace bobbins. If you take a look at Mark's web site he also has pictures of lace bobbins that he did the same thing with...decoupage.

This is a mat that I did from Doris Southard book. I made this mat with fine thread from Maderia. It is a black thread that has metallic filament blended together in a strand. It measures about 2 1/2 by 4 inches. Very small.


This picture shows my begining attempts at doing Honiton Lace. The flower on the right is the one I really did manage to finish before leaving the workshop that I took in Ithaca, New York this past October with Sheila Wells who I might add is a wonderful lace instructor. :) The flower on the left is my second one from Suzanne Thompson " An introduction to Honiton Lace. The quarter next to the flower is to give you an idea of the size of the flowers.

This next picture here is my third attempt at Honiton Lace and is a handkerchief corner.

Earlier this year I did a couple projects with Ann Keller from the green isle across as Ann and I call it the great big pond in Ireland. First project involved doing the lace samples for her new book which is called Celtic Lace for beginners. It was really cool to receive my autographed book from her and to see my lace in the book. It was very nice what she wrote about me in the beginning of the book too. I thought it was great fun...but I don't have any pictures to show you at the moment of the lace samples.


This is what Ann said in the book...........I thought it was the nicest thing.........................


The other project that I did with Ann was to make lace for dance stage costumes. I used heavy gold rush thread for the lace as you can maybe tell by looking at the pictures. The thread had to be heavy though to stand out against black velvet material. It was a bit awkward I will admit to make lace with this heavy thread when you are use to make lace with finer threads. But again it was great fun. And I thank Ann for letting me work along with her in that adventure. The dresses were beautiful indeed.

In this picture you can see some of the painting I do. These bobbins are hand done. I do not draw pictures first as some may think. I paint the pictures first and then do my outline with either black paint or a marker that tolerates water based varnish. I did the cartoon bobbins for a Russian Lace class I took in Ithaca with Holly Van Sciver a couple years ago. I ordered the Bobbins from my friend Tracy the Lacemaker in Ohio....if you haven't been to her store yet...you need to get there somehow...you will be amazed. She has everything for lacing and tatting. I thought I was in Tatting and Lacing Wonderland when I first entered her store. Anyhoo..The  bobbins were plain and I knew I had to do something with them to dress  them up a bit. I thought to myself what can I paint that would all go together but also have each one be different and cartoon characters came to mind. These bobbins I do not sell and are for my own personal use. The cartoon characters are of coarse copywrited. I also did some decoupage with these bobbins and you will see a few midlands that I also painted.