Hi out there in tatting and lacing land.
 AAAAhhhh  the centerpiece!!!!
The centerpiece was started in March earlier this year. I was new to the netland and computers. I use to use a computer at work for documentation that I had to do. I made it DING all the time, for I was so green with it .LOL!! I HATED that computer and said, I would not have one at home. But then, my son presented us with one. And I got on the net. My, oh my, I had been tatting for many years and I have found that the computer opened my eyes to a lot that I had no inclinations about. Split rings, split chains ( huh???? LOL !!) I had heard about the online tatting class and thought okay, I will go and check it out and I did. Big smile!!!!

I started crocheting when I was 18 years old before I got married. I have always loved Irish crochet and one day an idea entered my head and as I thought about it, it began to grow. I thought why instead of using cluny ground as in Irish crochet, why couldn't I do the same thing in tatting using the mignonette stitch instead. I was talking to AK one day on IM, I explained about what I wanted to try and do and she was interested. So... the idea was presented in the online class. Motifs were to be sent to me and I would put them together. There was a deadline for when the motifs were to mailed out and while I was waiting for them to come in the mail I was tatting motifs myself. Had no clue as to how many I would receive.

When you do Irish crochet the motifs are basted down on paper and then you use the cluny ground to attach the motifs together. Well... for the centerpiece I used a piece of material that I cut out into a circle and I basted the motifs to that. The material was ugly, LOL, but it was the pattern for the centerpiece and could not be removed until the tatting was completed. I hated that material, for I wanted to see the actual tatting, but.... I had to wait...

I have spent many hours doing this centerpiece and when I got a little way into it I started to think... WOW, you might have bit off more than you can chew here. But I kept at it, thinking I will never get this done in a million years. When the tatting of the centerpiece was finished it took me 4 days and nights to get rid of the ends. Some of the ends I made and some were with the motifs that I received. At one point I thought I would not be able to move my fingers for they were starting to hurt at the joints. But.... BIG SIGH it is finished. AAAAAaaaahhhhhhh!!

It was really nice when I was able to finally remove the material off the back of the centerpiece and see all those beautiful motifs stand out and all you saw is the beautiful tatting left behind. BEAUTY ;);) big smile. The best part of making the centerpiece is meeting you out there in tatting land and lacingland;);) another big smile!!!!!

Sherry aka, Celtic Dream Weaver