I just happen to like three things a lot...Angels, Dragons, and anything Celtic. I saw the "Book of Kells" at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland about 4 years ago. I fell in love with the elaborate artwork that I saw. This book is 800 years old and looking pretty good for its age....( don't we all wish we could say that...;) ) Anyway....since I have been in the UK and Ireland I have found that I very much love Celtic Music ( so relaxing), the dancing, the lores and the artwork that comes from there. I have painted lace bobbins and tatting shuttles ( which sold like hot cakes when put on ebay) with some of my interpretations of the celtic artwork. 

   The name Kelly is for the "Book of Kells" which is where I get my ideas from.

 One day I drew a picture of a Celtic Dragon, seen here. From there I needed it colored...hence Mark aka tatman colored it or me for I am so green with a computer. I thank you Mark for taking the time to do that for me...This you can see in this picture here. Then I decided one day...you know you have always wanted a tattoo...so yup, you guess it...I went totally nuts in the head and decided that I would personally wear some of my artwork...shown here. It took 3 hours to have this put on me...and the word PAIN comes to mind...not too sure if I will ever get another one.

  I wanted to design something myself in tatting and I looked at my picture of my colored dragon and I decided to give it a try...The finished tatted lace piece is shown on my Homepage. Please let me know what you all out there think of it....

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver