My Greatest Creations

Shawn Timothy James and mom Chrystal and Timothy

This is my oldest creation. This is Shawn. He is 25. He likes computers, and playstation games. It is my thanks to him that I have my computer

This is my only grandchild, Timothy James. He just turned 4 yrs old. I baby-sit him everyday. He is what keeps me young. He is so lovable. He is getting his first hair cut, and I don't think he is thrilled with it.

This is my daughter Chrystal Eve. My next creation. Isn't she pretty? With her greatest creation Timothy. Chrystal is 24 yrs. old.

Michelle Amber Michelle Ryan
This is Michelle Amber. My third creation. She wants to work for the FBI in Psyche as a profiler. She is 20 yrs. old.

This is also Michelle, look at her beautiful hair.

This is my son Ryan who is my baby, though don't tell him I said so. He is 14 yrs. old. He likes basketball, playstation games and computer stuff.

Me again  

I like being creative. This, as you can see also goes to baking. This is a family tradition that I do with my children. Every year after Christmas we go shopping for Christmas candy that has the price marked down. We all then make the ginger bread house and decorate it with candy. This house lasts maybe 2 days, MAYBE.


What a nice X-mas present I got from my children this year...I have been begging and pleading with my children all I want for X-mas is a updated portrait picture of all my kids...and I got it. :) big smile. The little one is my Grandson Timmy Guy.