Autumn Bookmark

I had placed a call out to the tatting list looking for a pattern that was pictured in my head and that I knew I had seen somewhere before. I just couldn’t remember where. I also thought that I had this pattern printed up somewhere…so one more I spent the whole morning tearing my tatting patterns stuff up. I went through all my notebooks, my book shelf, tipped books upside down….I looked everywhere…finally I decided to ask the tatting list for help. I wanted this floral tatted edge to put on a wedding veil that I want to make for my friend and my future sister-in-law. Lo and behold I got an email from our tatting friend Mark. He had seen my plight and designed for me this tatting edge. I of coarse had to try it out and see what I could do with it. I decided to make it into a bookmark, and use fall colors for it. I am amazed at myself that there is not one piece of thread that is purple in this bookmark….but I really like the way it turned out. It is bright and cheerful looking I think.
In order to make this in the colors as you see here I had to come up with a way to carry a color when not in use and have it not be seen until I wanted to show. So…I sat and experimented. This is what I came up with.

This is my experimental piece of the edging. Now to explain what I had done here.

In this picture you will see where I just finished tatting with the orange and yellow thread. I now wanted to change the thread color from the orange and yellow to a different variegated thread that had green, black, orange and yellow with brown. This was done using a split ring. First, I tatted the one side of the split ring in the normal way of tatting with the orange and yellow thread. Then…..on the second side I slid in my variegated thread that I will call…October (which is the name of the thread color made by Perfect Quilter, Superior Thread Company) between my ring that was already around my fingers and the second shuttle. I should mention here that you need four shuttles to do this edging in two colors. Both pairs of shuttles are wound in the Continuous Thread Method. Then what I did was lay the October thread along my orange and yellow thread and bringing that thread up around my fingers and wrapping it around my middle finger to anchor the thread in place and to keep it taut. The picture will show you this.

You can see the green thread (both threads from the one pair of shuttles) lying next to the thread that is wound around my fingers from the split ring that one side is already tatted. If you look at my middle finger you can see where I am wrapping the thread around my finger. You next tat around the ring thread, and the thread you have wrapped around your middle finger. In doing this you are encapsulating the October color thread inside the core of the rings

See the picture below...

After you make that first stitch…loosen up the pair of threads that are wrapped around your middle finger and pull them until the threads are pulled up tight against your ring. Now you will want to rewrap the pair of threads again around your middle finger and keep the thread taut and finish the split ring as you would normally with unflipped stitches as you normally would in making the second half of a split ring. After the ring is tatted you unwrap the threads around your middle finger and close the ring with the shuttle you started the ring with originally. After the ring is closed you pull the threads that you encapsulated. The October thread color is now carried and is not showing in your tatting. In this pattern…you are now going to be making another split ring but this time you want the October thread to be showing and not the yellow and orange thread. So now, you will start the split ring with the October thread having the yellow and orange thread hanging from the back of your ring. Start the spilt ring normally and then slide the yellow and orange thread between the ring and the shuttle thread you will be using to make the second half of the split ring. Now you will lay the October thread along your ring and wrap the pair of threads around your middle finger. Now the yellow and orange thread will be encapsulated and not showing. This is how I did the changing of colors to make this bookmark.

The ends of the book mark are made as the yellow and orange rings just as they are in the edging except for the rings are tatted 5 – 15-15-5 instead of the 5-10-10-5. This was done to make the flower a bit bigger to fit the upper and lower part of the bookmark... I also made more rings to also make the flower bigger. You can see where I have attached the rings to the edgings.

This is the pattern that was designed by Mark Myers. WWW.TAT-MAN.NET Mark’s email address is

If you have any questions about this technique you can reach me at my email address which is: Or on MSN, AIM, Yahoo with all the same screen name of celticdreamweave

Here is the same edging all done in one color with beads. Sherry Townsend aka, Celtic Dream Weaver, my website url: