Hi fellow tatters in tattingland and lacers in lacingland. I had a group of four people come to my house for the first time to learn how to tat. Three of my fearful students were nurses and friends from where I use to work. The other one is an art teacher. They each brought with them the two shuttles that I suggested they run out and buy and some...I hate to say it but..... size 10 crochet cotton. I wanted them to see how the stitches were being formed. Oh yeah.. also in two different colors. For this class we just concentrated on learning how to do the rings. The chains are next. I did not want to overload their zealous  minds wanting to learn to tat with toooooo much at once. A little goes along way. Haha!! But when they left they were beginner tatters. Yes, that means there are four new tatters out there in tattingland. My, oh my, the population is growing by leaps and bounds. And that is a good thing. Tatting and lacing I have
found to be very therapy.

So here is some pictures of the display that I had all over my dining room to stimulate those minds in what is in store for them. Beauty!!!!! I hope you enjoy the pictures of some of the things I have done, which I might add is not everything. But it gave my enthusiastic future tatters  an idea what they could eventually make also. Also there is a picture of  Celtic artwork that my daughter Michelle did for me with my  logo name. I just love it!!!!!!  My daughter is good in art and I guess she takes after me in many ways. Being left handed like her mother, and has the love for music and art just like me..

Sherry Townsend,aka Celtic Dream Weaver


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